Kiera loves you! And You! Oh and expecially YOU;D

I'm a complete and total sweetheart.
A supporter of all types of love.
A lover of your mom.
Just kidding.
I like to joke around and have fun.
It's all just in getting to know me.
I love to write stories, poems, and songs!
Be my inspiration?:]

I have recently started figureing out my sexual identity and sexual orientation. It's a pain to figure out but the ride is so much fun. You shuld take this journey with me. Laughs, good cries, you know, growing up and figureing out who you are type stuff. I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who can relate to searching for your gender identity and orientation helping me by telling me people to follow, having a talk with me, or anything you could possibly do to help me out!

I love to give advice. Ask for advice or simply a random question. ALYWAYS Anonymous.:]

Feel free to share:]

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